Ep. 60: A Different Perspective on Shame

In what ways have you experienced a perceived barrier in connection, safety, contentment, and joy throughout your life? And in what ways did you internalize those barriers to mean something about you (like, you were/are the problem)?

Shame is a perceived barrier to connection, safety, contentment, and joy. It motivates us to make changes, reevaluate a current situation, and more. It’s a positive emotion and response!

Feminine Shame is when we internalize those perceived barriers and believe our inability to experience connection, safety, contentment, and joy is about us – fundamentally. Feminine Shame leads us to self-sabotage, self-loathing, self-betrayal, hiding out, being a state of hyper-vigilance, and more.

Feminine Shame impacts us all – regardless of gender or anatomy. It’s the way we fear, resist, resent, and avoid that which is natural in favor of what’s been deemed “normal” by mainstream culture.

Share with me:

In what ways have you felt you needed to hide your softer, more sensitive, more natural aspects?
In what ways have you disconnected from your body – the epitome of something that is natural and forever changing? What about disconnecting from your emotions and their constant fluctuations?

Devon Ray Battaglia, MS, creator of The InnerSpark Method, is an integrative heath expert and a holistic life coach empowering deep-feeling, overthinking womxn ready to identify the roots of their people-pleasing, burnout, and anxiety so they can discover their true, shame-free nature and confidently thrive in body, mind, and spirit.

A natural teacher and healing presence, Devon fiercely walks her talk and has an innate gift for supporting and guiding others to live a life of greater wholeness, vitality, ease, alignment and magic.

Her diverse background, assorted areas of expertise, and myriad trainings and education in the areas of holistic nutrition, integrative health, coaching, energy healing, flower essence therapy, Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, breathwork, herbalism, shame and trauma, embodiment and expressive arts, shadow work, shamanism, and more, reflect the dedication and passion that she brings through her work.

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