Ep. 53: Magic of The Solstices: The Void/The Blacksmith Axis

The Solstices, which occur twice each year, are times of immense power and opportunity as the sun shifts into its time of waxing or waning. These are times of transitioning into opposite energies – either of hope, renewal, growth, and relief, or of deceleration, farewells, decay, and resting.

The sun is our life-giving force here on Earth. It’s stable, fixed, predictable, relatively unchanging, and represents The Triangle Principle. At the solstices, we take time to truly honor the sun’s presence in our life – within and around us, metaphorically and literally.

On InnerSpark’s Wheel of Frequencies, the Solstices are represented by The Void Archetype at winter and The Blacksmith Archetype at summer. This axis is one of polar opposites, yet truly two sides of the same coin that are interdependent.

Join me in this episode to dive deep into the mysteries, invitations, and power of the solstices through the lens of The Void and The Blacksmith Archetypes on InnerSpark’s Wheel of Frequencies.

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Dear One, of this I know for certain: living in alignment with Nature’s wisdom is essential for us all – especially a highly sensitive soul.

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