Radiant Skin From Within with Shelly Marshall

Hello, beloveds!

I’m joined on this episode by the lovely Shelly Marshall and we’re diving into all things holistic skincare and wellness. We talk about self-care and self-healing and developing the right mindset for consistency, we talk about becoming your own beautician, humans’ symbiotic relationship with plants, the amazing power of seaweed, the magic of nourishing our senses, and so much more. This one is so juicy!

Founder of Beauty Shamans, Shelly Marshall, unites the wisdom of the past and the science of today in her efforts to create healthy skincare. As a nurse, esthetician, and aromatherapist, her approach to skincare is clinical, clean, and holistic. She can be found on Instagram @BeautyShamans or at BeautyShamans.com

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