The Magic of Sound with Tanya Clark

Hello, beloveds!

In this episode, my dear friend, Tanya Clark and I get into all things sound healing. We discuss Tanya’s unique sound journey, the beautiful impact that sound has in our lives and in our bodies, Mama Gaia as our greatest sound healer and teacher, the power of our voice, the intricacy of the nervous system and how sound soothes it, and so much more!
Tanya Clark is a Sound Artist of the Rose and Moon, guiding others in Embodying Soul, Cosmic, and Gaian gifts through intuitive movement, meditation/mantra/and toning, ritual, and Crystal Sound Alchemy. Through a variety of supportive and transformational virtual group experiences and courses, one on one containers to realign you with your own innate rhythms, and specially recorded sound healing journeys curated just for you, Tanya crafts medicine infused with the alchemy of the Venusian Rose Lineage and the wisdom of Grandmother Moon to support your sacred path.

Learn more about her exquisite offerings at and follow her on Instagram at

Devon is a mentor and catalyst for sensitive, intuitive, empathic beings who want to create a life of authentic purpose and joy out of their challenges and traumas.

Through empowering sensitive souls to remember how to trust their bodies, align with Nature and seasonal and cosmic flow, and leverage their subtle energies, they live their soul’s sacred purpose and their sensitivity is honored as a superpower and divine gift, rather than something to “fix.”

Her greatest passion is activating the Sensitive Soul so they may rise into their Revolutionary self and offer their authentic gifts and sacred activism to the world.

Devon’s work is a magical blend of the grounded and tangible with the esoteric and energetic. Her diverse background is a reflection of her diverse experiences and devotion to the sacred spiral dance of life and the sensitive soul’s vital role in this time on the planet.

Devon’s journey has led her to many magical places including earning a master’s degree in Nutrition & Integrative Health and exploring a wide variety of holistic and ancient, esoteric modalities and resources she uses with her beloved clients including, but not limited to, Flower Essence Therapy, herbalism, yoga, meditation, Energy & Intuitive Healing, shadow work, ancestral healing, embodiment rituals, and so much more.

Check out an array of resources to support your path (quizzes, free courses, articles, and more) here. Get lost in the richness of the blog. Follow her on Instagram and be sure to join her online community for new live trainings, guided meditations, and more!

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