Ep. 38: Redefining “Masculine” + “Feminine”

What comes up for you when you hear “feminine” or “masculine”? Words are powerful. The frequency they hold and the concepts they convey are everything. They literally create our existence into form. In my work, I’ve created a new way of thinking about and feeling into the concepts of masculine and feminine to free us of the pre-loaded meaning and help us to feel them on a deeper level for embodied sovereignty and inner union.

What are the “spiral” and “triangle” principles and how can feeling into their frequencies support us in living radically whole, sovereign, radiant lives?
What’s required of us to resurrect our awareness of and devotion to the sacred spiral essence of life?
How do we repair our relationship with our inner containment?
How do we walk a heart-led life of devotion?

Join us as we dive deeply into these topics!

Mentioned in this episode:
Episode 17: Healing Feminine Shame: https://www.innerspark.life/feminine-shame-fearing-the-transient-parts-of-ourselves/

40-Day Journey to Sovereignty guided practice: www.innerspark.life/journey

Flower Essences from The Apothecary to support this work of divine integration:

Wild Potato: https://www.innerspark.life/product/wild-potato-flower-essence

Wine Cup: https://www.innerspark.life/product/wine-cup-flower-essence

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