Throwback to Ep23 – Seasonal Living & The Energies of Winter

In honor of winter solstice, we’re throwing it back to our winter seasonal episode!

At the Winter Solstice, despite the fact that it’s the darkest (and coldest) time it’ll be all year, we’re welcoming the return of the light once more.  This is the Wheel of the Year’s “New Moon” and a time for planting seeds in the darkness, the void, the place of no-thing from which all things manifest. 
What are you ready to bring into your life?  What are you ready to manifest?  Think about little baby seeds planted into the soil.  Despite nothing happening above ground, there’s a lot happening below the surface.  The seeds are being cracked open, are activating their codes of becoming and growth, and are preparing for their journey ahead.  This is the energy of winter.

Tune in for specific ways to adjust your lifestyle to make space to receive the magic of the season.

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Sweet Soul, it’s time to heal Feminine Shame and tap back into what’s natural, real, wild, and magical: your InnerSpark.

Devon Ray Battaglia, MS, creator of The InnerSpark Method, is an integrative heath expert and a holistic life, wellness, and spirituality coach empowering sensitive souls to overcome feminine shame and thrive in body, mind, and soul!

A natural teacher and healing presence, Devon fiercely walks her talk and has an innate gift for supporting and guiding others to live a life of greater wholeness, vitality, ease, alignment and magic.

Her diverse background, assorted areas of expertise, and myriad trainings and education in the areas of holistic nutrition, integrative health, coaching, energy healing, flower essence therapy, Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, breathwork, herbalism, shame and trauma, embodiment and expressive arts, shadow work, shamanism, and more, reflect the dedication and passion that she brings through her work.

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