Sensorial Nourishment

To truly nourish ourselves we must learn to view ourselves as multilayered, subtle creatures.

It continually fascinates me how humans are literally addicted to food. We source identities through diet protocols. We place morality on whether or not our food choices were “good” or “bad.” We plan, fixate, obsess, overeat, under eat; we subside on food-like stuff that is made in a lab and many people can’t identify vegetables beyond cheeseburger toppings. We spend so much time and money on fads, trends, and supplements yet we can’t seem to agree upon the “ideal human diet.” But why? What is the main intention behind this fear-driven behavior? We have lost our connection with our innate ability to feed ourselves on all levels, and we have forgotten the true meaning of the word “nutrition.”

Nutrition must be thought of as a holistic concept that includes all we take in through the senses, which is so much more than the food we put into our mouths. Like food, these inputs can be of a high quality, supportive nature, or they can be toxic and poisonous to the system.

As the subtle creates the gross, these inputs are creating your body, your life, your physical experience on Earth. What people are you around? What media are you consuming

The thing to really keep in mind is that all that we take in must be digested. Digestion is so much more than the food’s journey from mouth to anus. All that you receive through your senses must be digested. Think of all you receive through your senses on a daily basis… It is mind blowing!

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Sweet Soul, it’s time to heal Feminine Shame and tap back into what’s natural, real, wild, and magical: your InnerSpark.

Devon Ray Battaglia, MS, creator of The InnerSpark Method, is an integrative heath expert and a holistic life, wellness, and spirituality coach empowering sensitive souls to overcome feminine shame and thrive in body, mind, and soul!

A natural teacher and healing presence, Devon fiercely walks her talk and has an innate gift for supporting and guiding others to live a life of greater wholeness, vitality, ease, alignment and magic.

Her diverse background, assorted areas of expertise, and myriad trainings and education in the areas of holistic nutrition, integrative health, coaching, energy healing, flower essence therapy, Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, breathwork, herbalism, shame and trauma, embodiment and expressive arts, shadow work, shamanism, and more, reflect the dedication and passion that she brings through her work.

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