Monthly Archives: April 2019

Healing Feminine Shame With Pleasure

In this episode, I am continuing the important conversation about Feminine Shame and how to find wholeness through pleasure. Many of us have come to think of pleasure as only “sexual” and while that’s certainly a very major and necessary part of healing feminine shame, it’s not the only one. Pleasure takes on many forms … Continue reading Healing Feminine Shame With Pleasure

How to Know If You’re A Sensitive Person

Words like “sensitive,” “intuitive,” and “empath” are gaining in popularity and rightfully so! This small segment of the population possesses many magical attributes that are needed nowadays more than ever. We’re currently seeing the resurrection and rise of the archetypal healer, teacher, magician, prophetess, goddess. At the core of these much needed energetic archetypes is … Continue reading How to Know If You’re A Sensitive Person

Accessing the Inner Maiden

The energies of spring are always alive within us regardless of the time of year. These energies represent all things new, naïve, innocent, and fresh. If you’re into Tarot, it can be thought of as the Fool in the Major Arcana. I particularly love these energies when it comes to accessing and repairing the relationship … Continue reading Accessing the Inner Maiden