Monthly Archives: January 2019

Seasonal Living & The Energies of Winter

While a great place to start, Seasonal Living is much more than watermelon in summer and sweaters in winter. Listen for ways to reconnect to the flow within and around and how to honor the unique flavors and invitations of each season. Read more about the Energies of Winter here:

De-Shaming & Reclaiming the Yoni

The yoni is more than just a physical part. Through yoni, we have answers, guidance, understanding, grace, and clarity. When disconnected, we experience dis-ease, frustration, uncertainty, anger, difficulty feeling safe, challenges in relationships, and more. I share 5 ways to reconnect to your innate power and awaken the self-healing wise woman within. Sister, are you … Continue reading De-Shaming & Reclaiming the Yoni