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Feminine Shame

Feminine Shame comes from resisting parts of ourselves that are transient, like our physical bodies and emotions. We’ve been taught to celebrate structure, productivity, and action and to be wary of that which is passive, changeable, and introverted. Identify how feminine shame impacts you, regardless of gender, and how to unravel it. Read more about … Continue reading Feminine Shame

Shame: The Root of All Suffering

Shame is an insidious, mysterious emotion, yet it’s at the root of all human suffering and dis-ease. We discuss identifying and unraveling our unique shame stories for multilevel healing, to find joy and purpose. Read more about this subject on our blog:

The Mother Wound

The Mother Wound is a symptom of unused or misused and repressed power that manifests as various coping mechanisms intended to numb out of the perceived pain and illusions of being a woman, relating with women, and understanding feminine principles within and around us. We discuss how to identify and heal individually and collectively. Read … Continue reading The Mother Wound